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National Egg Nog Day

Dec 24
National Egg Nog Day

Whether you love it or hate it, few beverages evoke the holiday season like Eggnog—which is why we celebrate National Eggnog Day on December 24, the day before Christmas.

Eggnog—sometimes also called egg nog, egg milk punch, or milk punch—is a sweet beverage made from milk, cream, sugar, spices… and of course eggs! Eggnog is usually served chilled, and is often served with alcohol added.

The origins of eggnog are murky at best. Some believe it’s a derivative of posset—a cold remedy hailing from the Middle Ages that contained hot milk curdled with wine, and flavored with spices. Others think it’s the cousin of a British Egg Flip—an egg-based drink that’s poured back and forth between two glasses to smoothly emulsify eggs, booze and spices.

Most historians agree that Eggnog entered the American lexicon in the late 1700s, and the drink quickly gained popularity in the American colonies, where many residents kept chickens and dairy cattle, making the drink’s ingredients easy to procure. Even George Washington served Eggnog to visitors at his Mount Vernon home.

Today, you don’t need chickens or cows to whip up a delicious glass of Eggnog. If you’re feeling really lazy, you can even buy commercially prepared Eggnog… though we don’t recommend it. Homemade Eggnog is relatively easy to make, and worth the effort for a light, smooth, creamy concoction that puts the boxed stuff to shame.

Almost any alcohol can be used, but we’re fans of rum and brandy. And you don’t need to break the bank—the powerful flavors of the Eggnog will overpower the subtleties of many premium liquors, so you can pick up something affordable, and make enough Eggnog to keep all of your party guests happy!

And if dairy just isn’t your thing, or you’re catering to vegans this holiday season, there’s a growing trend of “alterna-nogs” that are made using soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk. Eggnog for everybody!

This year, while gathering with your family and friends, conjure your inner Griswold and whip up a batch of Eggnog to celebrate National Eggnog Day!

National Egg Nog Day is typically celebrated in USA.