Drink Holidays in October 2021

    • Oct 01

      World Sake Day

      The celebration of World Sake Day—or Nihonshu no Hi—is celebrated annually on October 1. World Sake Day coincides with the beginning of Japan’s sake—or rice wine— brewing season. At the conclusion of the rice harvest each fall, sake producers across the country begin their brewing process in preparation for winter—when sake undergoes fermentation.

    • Oct 04

      National Vodka Day

      National Vodka Day occurs annually on October 4, and is a celebration of the most popular distilled spirit in the United States—a title vodka has held since replacing bourbon in the 1970s as America’s most frequently purchased liquor.

    • Oct 16

      National Liqueur Day

      Liqueurs. Cordials. Schnapps. Whatever you call them in your part of the country, celebrate them each year on October 16 for National Liqueur Day.