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National Grand Marnier Day

Jul 14
National Grand Marnier Day

Here’s a grand idea… celebrate Grand Marnier Day on July 14! Grand Marnier has a reputation as an extremely versatile liquor. While it can certainly be enjoyed alone, it’s also a staple in tons of cocktails, desserts, sauces, marinades… even the roasted duck dish Conard an l’Orange!

How exactly did Grand Marnier become the MacGyver of the cocktail world?

In the late 1870s, Louis-Alexandre Marnier married into the Lapostolle family—a family that had been distilling fruit liqueur since the 1820s. He dreamed of combining French cognac with fruit liquors to create a new, “grand” combination. After a decade of trial and error, Marnier hit upon his recipe for success—the amalgamation of cognac with a rare, bitter orange from the Caribbean. The result was a strong liquor with a splash of citrus.

The liquor—in its iconic bottle, which represents the silhouette of a cognac still—became a sensation, and was soon carried on the menus of famous French hotels, from The Savoy to The Ritz.

Grand Marnier’s reach has far exceeded the boundaries of its homeland. In the 1980s, the spirit became popular in America, as the New York club scene enjoyed its heydey, and movies like Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise, fueled demand for drinks like the B-52, Kamikaze, and Cadillac Margarita. Demand for the citrus-infused liquor surged again in the late 1990s, when the ladies of Sex and the City sent sales of the Cosmpolitan into the stratosphere.

This July 14, enjoy a grand celebration of one of the world’s most versatile liquors on National Grand Marnier Day!

National Grand Marnier Day is typically celebrated in USA.

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