Every July 2

National Anisette Day

Jul 02

July 2 is National Anisette Day. You may be asking yourself… what exactly is anisette? Sometimes called absinthe’s sweeter cousin, anisette is a liqueur distilled from the seed of the anise plant, resulting in a licorice-flavored liquor.

Native to the mediterranean, anisette dates back to ancient Egypt, where anise was revered for its purported medicinal qualities. Today, many quality anisettes, including the popular Italian brand Sambuca, still hail from the mediterranean region.

Today, anisette is enjoyed in a variety of forms—from sipping on its own, to its incorporation in a variety of cocktails.

For a classic anisette experience, try your hand at a traditional palomita. Although the only ingredients are anisette and cold water, a true palomita requires that the anisette be incorporated into the cold water all at once, which will result in a consistent, milky color. Or, try your hand at something a bit more complex with a Café de Paris.

This July 2, liven things up with a dash of licorice on National Anisette Day!

National Anisette Day is typically celebrated in USA.